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Altitude statistics simplified

Gets the maximum, minimum, mean, and standard deviation elevation for a polygon from MDT05.

simplified statistics

Id Title Data Type Description
bbox bbox double[] BBOX, minimum surrounding rectangle, of the zone in which the statistics are going to be calculated. To calculate the statistics it is necessary to provide bbox or geom.
geom geom string Polígono de la zona en la que van a calcular las estadísticas. Para calcular las estadísticas es necesario proporcionar bbox o geom.
formato formato string The format in which the geometry of the geom parameter is provided. Supported formats are wkt, geojson, gml and ascii (grass vector ASCII). Required if the geom parameter is provided
crs crs integer Reference system of the geom or bbox parameters. Optional. If it is not provided the default value 4326 will be used.
Id Title Description
id SimplifiedStatistics Process identifier
values Resultado Json with the minimum (min) and maximum (max) elevation of the specified area. For its calculation the corresponding numpy methods are used.

Execution modes

  • Synchronous


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