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Perfil de elevación

Gets the elevation profile between two or more points. To obtain this profile, intermediate points are created. These points are created based on the distance parameter. It is calculated from MDT05.

elevation profile

Id Title Data Type Description
geom geom string Points or list of points to be processed. Mandatory.
formato formato string The format in which the geometry of the geom parameter is provided. The supported formats are wkt(GeometryCollection or MultiPoint) and geojson (feature collection). Mandatory.
crs crs integer Reference system of the geom parameter. Optional. If it is not provided the default value 4326 will be used.
distance distancia integer Spacing distance between intermediate points for which altitudes are calculated between the points given in the geom parameter (in meters). By default it is 20m and has a minimum of 5m
withCoord withCoord boolean Boolean parameter to get the coordinates along with their altitudes. Default False
Id Title Description
id ElevationProfile Identifier of the executed process.
values Resultado List (Array) with the elevations for the processed points, both given and intermediate, in the same order given

Execution modes

  • Synchronous


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