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Buffer with altitude statistics

Gets a buffer, created with a given point and distance. Optionally returns as attributes the maximum, minimum, mean and standard deviation elevation for a starting from MDT05.

buffer bufferElevation

Id Title Data Type Description
geom geom string Point from which the area of influence is going to be calculated. Mandatory.
formato formato string The format in which the geometry of the geom parameter is provided. The supported formats are wkt, geojson y gml. Mandatory.
crs crs integer Reference system of the geom parameter. Optional. If it is not provided the default value 4326 will be used.
distancia distancia float Distance from the area of influence (meters). If not provided, the default value will be used 100
estadisticas estadisticas boolean Indicates if you want to obtain the statistics of the calculated area of influence. Allowed values are true/false. Default value false.
Id Title Description
id bufferElevation Identifier of the executed process.
values Resultado GeoJSON with the geometry of the calculated area of influence and the statistics if requested.

Execution modes

  • Synchronous


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